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No Afternoon Walks During Summer Time

wp july 3 2018

Walking a dog in the afternoon when it’s hot and humid is certainly dangerous and I don’t recommend it, that is why when Summer comes to MA, I only walk dogs in the morning or evening.  We all need our exercise, but you shouldn’t put yourself and your dog in harm’s way to do so.

wp july 3 20182

Dogs like Abby and the beautiful pit bull in the above picture with dark coats tend to overheat faster and easier than dogs with light color hair.  Go for a walk with your dog, but be mindful of the time of day, temperature outside, your dog’s age, breed, weight, etc., before heading outdoors.  Enjoy your weekend!

Hanging Out With My Girl, Alex


I took this picture last November while walking with Alex on a trail on a beautiful Fall day.  Even though my neighborhood has a lot of areas where we can walk, I like to take Alex to different places outside of our neighborhood so she can experience new smells, people, dogs, etc.


Lately, we’ve been pretty busy with Alex’s furry friends staying over with us, therefore our outings have been limited to our neighborhood area, but since for the next two weeks Alex will be my only canine companion I’ll do my best to go out with her and explore other areas.


Of course, always remembering not to over do it since my girl, Alex, just turned 11 this year.  I always take with me water, treats, brush, wipes, and an extra leash.  Let’s not forget a cell phone and camera to capture precious moments with Alex.

Make Walking Your Dog During The Summer A Pleasant Experience For Both Of You

Alex, My Walking PartnerJust because Summer is here and the weather lately has been really hot, to put it mildly, it does not mean that you should not walk your dog.  Walk your dog, but adjust or change the length of your walk, time, and make sure to bring water for you, the pet parent, and your dog.  Here are a couple of things I do when I walk Alex:

  1. Walk early in the morning.  I get up at 6am to walk with Alex.
  2. Bring water and make sure to stop to hydrate yourself and your dog.
  3. Carry poop bags, wipes, and hand sanitizer.
  4. Wear a hat and sunglasses.
  5. Walk late in the evening.  The pavement can get pretty hot and damage your dog’s pads.
  6. Do not wear headphones.  You need to pay attention to your surroundings.

You see?  Walking in this crazy hot weather can still be enjoyable as long as you take the necessary precautions.  Take your dog out for a walk and enjoy it.