Alex, My Pit Bull Mix Girl, Is Afraid Of Her Own Farts

My canine daughter, Alex, has a little ritual that she follows most nights, and that is to sit down right next to me while I do dishes.  The reason she does this is because, and this is just my theory and wishful thinking, she wants to remind me that I need to brush her teeth once I am done with the dishes.  Anyway, one night I am brushing her teeth when all of a sudden she farts, and to my surprise and amusement, she got scared and moved away.  I called her back and finished brushing her teeth followed by the customary treat for being good.

I found the reaction to her own farts really amusing and funny, her little face is one of total surprise and a little fear at the same time, but I thought it was a one-time incident, but this happened every time she farted.  The good thing about it is that flatulence is not something she encounters very often.  Imagine if she did?  She’ll be in constant fear of her little rear end.

11 responses to “Alex, My Pit Bull Mix Girl, Is Afraid Of Her Own Farts

  1. That is too funny-
    I have to remember that dogs have quirks of their own too!

  2. Mine do the same thing. They fart, look around as if surprised, then proceed to sniff the area. When they realize where it came from they get that, “huh?” look on their face. Always funny.

  3. That’s too funny!

  4. OMG! How funny!?!?!?!

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