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Belated Happy New Year 2015

2015This was the first year we were not home.  Instead we went to Boston to visit family and did a little sightseeing while there.  As you can see, Alex could care less about the ducks around her.

20152It was funny to see Alex totally uninterested in all the real ducks around her, but once she saw these “fake” ducks she couldn’t help herself and she had to go and meet them.  As you can see, she is meeting them the polite way, the doggie way.  How?  By sniffing the tush.

20153Alex even posed with them.  She was such a good girl.  By the way, because it was so cold that day, we were out for about 20-30 minutes only.  We parked very close so we went back to the car and headed to get some food.

20154We could take Alex pretty much anywhere dogs are allowed because she is used to so many things, including horses.  We saw a policeman on a horse, but I was hesitant about asking him for a picture so we kept walking.  When Alex was a puppy I took her everywhere so that as an adult dog she would be comfortable in different situations and areas.  Belated happy new year 2015!

Have A Great Life Handsome Dexter

Dexter, Bella, and Alex (L to R)

Dexter, Bella, and Alex (L to R).  This was the last time Dexter stayed with us.

We met Dexter, a very handsome Boxer mix, about 2 years ago during a pack walk in Annapolis, MD and the impression I got of him was that he was a quiet and gentle boy and you know what?  I was right. 

Dexter stayed with us for almost 3 weeks this time, and I was glad that we had all that time with him before he and his mom moved to Phoenix.  Will I miss him?  Yes, I will miss him dearly, but I hope that he does not miss us at all.  Leave that to us.  I want him to be happy.  That is what I want and wish for all the dogs that stay with us.

chao2I don’t board a lot of dogs at one time because I want to provide the care, attention, love, exercise, and so many other things that a kennel facility is not able to do.  The only bad thing about it is that I end up falling in love with all these beautiful dogs, but I don’t regret it.  Have a wonderful life our sweet, handsome, gentle Dexter and may your life be full of love, peace, and a lot of treats.  We love you, always.

Dexter’s Energy Level

Dexter, Bella, and Alex (L to R)

Dexter, Bella, and Alex (L to R)

When we first met Dexter, a handsome boxer mix, I thought that he was a high energy dog, but I was wrong.  Dexter is actually a medium-level energy dog.  Why am I talking about this?  Because your level of energy and that of your future or current dog is very important in order to make the right match.  Dexter does well, during Summer, with a 30-40 minute walk in the morning, and evening, and a small break around noon for 15 minutes.  But, when Winter comes, he needs longer walks.  The first few days, when he comes to stay with us, I walk Dexter the most because he has an abundance of energy, but as days go by I have to use Bella for longer walksn because this handsome boy starts to walk behind me rather than next to me. 

dexenergy2Also, remember that as dogs age their level of energy will decrease.  Alex, my pit mix, so far has been the dog with the highest energy level.  If she were a human being, she’d probably be classified as hyperactive in her younger years.  Well, it only took 10 years for Alex to calm down.  How would you classify your dog’s energy level?  Have a great week.  


Memorial Day 2014

Odenton, MD

Odenton, MD

When Alex, my 12-year-old pit mix, was not able to walk because of her ACL injury last November, I told myself, “I’ll walk by myself while I enjoy listening to some music for a change.”  Ha!  Do you know how many times I went out walking by myself?  Once.  Yes, once.  I hated it, and I was bored half to death.

Alex, Bella, and Walter (L to R).  The smiling human is your truly, Marcela

Alex, Bella, and Walter (L to R). The smiling human is your truly, Marcela

What saved me from boredom were the doggies that came to stay with us while Alex was recuperating from her injury.  Nowadays, Alex is doing better and she is able to walk with us, but not for too long.  I still have to be careful with her.  On this holiday, just like any other day, please remember to walk your dog.

Alex and Walter (L to R)

Alex and Walter (L to R)

And, make sure you add a little extra food if your walks are longer than usual.  Have a great Memorial Day from my pack to yours!

My Journey Through Life With Alex

IMG_4315I recently read one of my favorite blogs, Marking Our Territory by Will and Eko, and although I’ve never met them, I felt a sense of fellowship with Will.  Why?  He wrote that Eko, Will’s dog, is his anchor.  Alex, my pit bull mix girl, teaches me every day to appreciate the little things that I know would go unnoticed if she were not to be in my life.  I am a better person because of her, although to be quite honest if you were to ask Alex she’d say, “My mom is a work in progress,” and she’d be right.

IMG_5099If I were to try to enumerate all the things I do because of Alex, I’d probably have a nice thick book, but here are just a few of them:

  • I don’t feel guilty about taking naps anymore
  • I don’t go clubbing 3 times a week and instead I spend time at home with my girlfriend, Cynthia, our dogs Alex and Bella
  • Cynthia and I argue every blue moon.  Before we had dogs, and this is the truth, we argued like cats and dogs
  • I cook for Alex, and let me remind you that I hate to cook.  This is something Cynthia points out to me with a big smile on her face

Alex has been my canine companion for almost 12 years, and you know what?  I’ve been very lucky to have her in my life.  Will said that Eko is his anchor.  Well, Alex is the one being that finally got me to settle down, and that was something that I never thought would be possible.  A big thanks to all the dogs in my life for their love, loyalty, patience, and so much more.

Bye Kingston, Good Looking Pit Bull

Relaxing in The Kitchen

Unbelievable, but four months have gone by, and Kingston’s mom came this week to pick him up and take him back home.  He was so happy to see his mom that his whole body was in motion, wiggling and trying to jump, it was beautiful to watch this display of affection from him to his mom.

I always believe that I am fortunate for having different dogs come into my life because they are amazing companions and teachers.  What did I learn from Kingston?  That you usually remember the little things or quirks about others and that those are the ones that stay with you and later on realize that those “things” are the ones that make that being so unique.  With that in mind, here are some of Kingston’s quirks:

  • He does not bark during the day, but when he is sleeping and dreaming he barks loud enough to wake me up
  • You’d know that it’s 10pm because he is asleep and does not care to do anything else unless he is offered food
  • He grunts while waiting for me to put his food down as if saying, “Please, hurry up”
  • He sounds like a bird when he is getting impatient

Those are just some of the things that make Kingston so unique and wonderful and for that and much more we love him.


Kingston, A Perfect Pit Bull Ambassador

A Perfect Pit Bull Ambassador

A couple of weeks ago, I answered an ad for long-term boarding a male pit bull, and after some e-mails and phone calls were exchanged, we agreed to meet and see if my home would be the right environment for Kingston. 

Now, I’ve had, so far, one AmStaff and one pit mix of my own so I am familiar with this breed, but I never expected for Kingston to look so impressive.  I was taken aback at his size and gladiator physique, but at the same time quite curious about his temperament and quirks.  Yes, dogs, just like us humans, have quirks.  We took a walk with Kingston and Alex for a couple of minutes and his body language was that of a puppy; curious and playful.  Anyway, after our walk we went straight to the kitchen and I spent some time talking to Kingston’s mom while I continued to assess his body language, curiosity level, and his interaction with his mom and myself.  A couple of days later, Kingston’s mom agreed to leave him with us and he’s been a part of our family for the last couple of weeks and I’ve had nothing but great and funny experiences with him.

Although he does look impressive and intimidating, what he likes best is to be hugged and kissed.  Could you believe that?  He loves to be close to us and he plays well with Alex, our mix breed female dog.  I see no aggression at all on his part, and I do hope that this was the kind of dog that people would breed rather than aggressive dogs that give Pit Bulls a bad reputation.

Kingston is what a Pit Bull should be: gentle, affectionate, docile, strong, and gorgeous:)  He is the perfect Pit Bull ambassador for a breed that because of irresponsible owners gets bad publicity.