Loose Leash Walking & Behavior Modification

wp july 10 2018

I’ve met countless of pet parents that are unable to walk their dogs regardless of the dog’s weight, age, breed, etc.  My most popular behavior modification class is, Loose Leash Walking with Your Dog.  Depending on the dog and handler, getting a dog to walk properly could take one session or a few sessions.  Why?  Because we will be working on changing a dog’s old bad behavior – pulling on leash – by modifying his behavior and doing so takes time, patience, consistency, and repetition.

wp july 10 20182
Champagne, Abby, and Bentley (L to R)

The cuties in the above picture range from 31lbs., to 119lbs.,  and they’re all walking with me.  If I can do it, so can you!  Walking is a great exercise for you and your dog, therefore if you can’t walk your dog properly, find a professional that can help you with this.

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  1. Bravo! It’s always reassuring seeing 3 well behaved dogs with one upright. 👍🏻

  2. naughtyhiker says:

    Mine is much better off leash than on leash. She’s not pulling on leash but she likes the leash taught no matter the voice command. Off leash she obeys the voice commands, so she obviously knows what they mean …

    1. Marcela says:

      A few dogs do better off leash, but because of the leash laws we have in place, I don’t recommend letting your dog off leash. Yes, she does know her commands, and in your case, every dog is different because he/she is an individual, she does better off leash. Keep up the good work!

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