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Kitchen Help Wanted

kitchen help1

Roxie and Abby, “Could we help you get lunch ready?”

For those of us that have furry kids, preparing a meal – heck, even making a sandwich- feels like someone put up a sign that says, “Kitchen help wanted,” and our canine companions never fail to answer such ad.  Look at the attention they are paying Cynthia.

kitchen help2

Abby, “Mom left the food unattended. Not to worry, I’ll guard it closely. Roxie, “I’ll make sure nobody goes beyond this point.”

Cynthia moved to get something from the fridge, and her two helpers quickly moved into place to “guard” our food.  Abby seems to be the more serious out of the two, don’t you think?

kitchen help3

Abby to Roxie, “Let me help you. I think you have a little bit of food around this side of your face. Why do you have to be so tall?”

I don’t know, but perhaps Roxie started to smell like something Cynthia was cooking because Abby took a lot of interest in Roxie’s face and ear.  It’s always fun to see what our furry kids do when we are cooking.  They certainly make life more interesting.

Alex, My Beautiful Dog And Amazing Teacher

The other day, I went out for a walk as usual and my girl, Alex, was dragging her feet.  Being the patient person that I am I told her, “You’ve got to be kidding me.  How can you be tired?  We just started our walk”.  She looked at me with those dark brown eyes and I felt as if she were telling me, “Mom, why are you so impatient?  What’s bothering you?  Don’t be like that with me”.  I apologized to her.  Yes, I do talk to my dog and I do apologize, many times, when I know I’ve done something wrong.   I slowed down my pace and told myself that she does that once every blue moon so live with it.

I don’t know if this happens to other pet parents, so feel free to give me some feedback, but I can see so much in my girl’s eyes, so much wisdom and kindness.  This week I was very nervous because I had to go to court and I was afraid of the outcome so I skipped lunch.  Now, skipping lunch for most people is not a big deal, but for me this happens to be a huge deal.  Ok., I’ll come clean.  To me skipping lunch is more like the end of the world because I love to eat.  Anyway, as I was about to leave from home, I saw Alex looking at me as if telling me, “Mom, relax.  You’ve got this.  It’s going to be ok”.  I looked at her and told her, “I am so glad I have you in my life”.  Alex was right.  The outcome was positive for me and I was very pleased and relieved.

I know that a lot of people think of dogs as objects, but for me, Alex, is part of my family.  She is the one that; calms me down when I am starting to see red: sooths me when I feel like my life is chaotic and in upheaval; and gives me kisses when I cry.  As I told more than a few people, and some of them laughed at me, but that’s ok., my daughter, Alex, is perfect.  She is perfect for me.  Why?  Because she teaches me every day to be kind, to try hard to be patient, to try and overlook the annoying things my loved ones do, because let’s remember that I probably do many things that also annoy those that love me, and well, so much more.  That’s my Alex.  My daughter, my companion, and my teacher.