Shelter Or Breeder?

A blast from the past. Dozer, Sarris, and Alex (L to R). A beautiful day in DC.

I, personally, prefer to foster and/or adopt from a shelter. There are so many dogs of different ages, breeds, sizes, temperament, etc., so you really have a lot to choose from, and also you will be giving a dog a new home with you and your family.

Now, although I do prefer to go with a shelter dog, I also know and understand that sometimes a pet parent has his heart set on a particular breed of dog as well as temperament. If you happen to be one of those, make sure that you ask a lot of questions, ask for references, and physically see the puppy’s parents. A reputable breeder will be glad to oblige, and she will also ask you to sign a contract. Read it slowly and ask questions before you sign it.

My heart, as I write this, is set on a French bull dog. Why? Because a lovely couple in Massachusetts, clients, had two of them and I fell in love with them. One loved to walk, he was my favorite, while the other one loved to be a couch potato. I did some research and found out that because of their beautiful flat face, well, they snore. Also, the overheat very easy. Now, that is the dog I want, but I ended up getting the dogs I needed and still need in my life and I am grateful for that. My Abby and Charlie, a Beagle Bulldog mix, and a German Shepherd Labrador mix respectively, are quite a pair.

Regardless of whether you get your dog from a shelter or a breeder, make sure that your life style and energy is compatible with the dog you will be getting. Stay safe!

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  1. marthadilo3 says:

    We’ve always ended up with shelter dogs, and love them to pieces. I worked at the humane society and purebreds did end up there due to various reasons like size (one was a st bernard!) if someone is set on a purebred they may want to check the shelters😀your pic is adorable!

    1. Marcela says:

      Yes, you can find even purebreds in shelters. Thanks for adopting from a shelter. In that picture, I am walking my Alex, Dozer and Saris that were one of my clients’ furry kids.

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