Multi-Dog Household And Energy

I’ve recently seen that shelters are struggling with the large intake of dogs that it is believed stems from the desire of people to adopt dogs during the pandemic, and this is yours truly trying to influence you to go out and adopt, but-and this is super important-make sure that your energy, that of your current dog, and new dog align together.

What do I mean by that? Well, this is what I mean:

  • You and your dog are for the most part sedentary – meaning that you go for a walk once in a while and both of you are ok with it. Do not adopt a dog-regardless of age-that is hyper or needs a huge amount of exercise because it will not work out
  • You and your dog are active – meaning that you walk/run/hike every day and thrive on being active. Adopt a dog that is active and have a wonderful time!
  • You are active, but your dog is getting old and requires less exercise – You could adopt an active dog that could run/hike/walk with you, always remembering to provide your senior dog with shorter walks and time to go potty
  • You are sedentary, but your dog is active – do not adopt a hyper dog to provide exercise for your current dog. It will be a huge headache having 2 active dogs

You are probably thinking, “Marcela, I thought you were trying to encourage us to adopt, but your post doesn’t seem to suggest that.” To what I’d respond by saying that having a multi-dog household is wonderful as long as the activity level matches that of the pet parent and current dog in order to be successful. With that being said, if you are thinking about adding a new doggie to your family, this may be the right time. Do you have a multi-dog household?

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  1. Jennifer says:

    So there’s no companionable dog for us (I’m mostly sedentary and my dog is active) according to your 4 guidelines?

    1. Marcela says:

      Absolutely No! I have met dogs that are quite happy and fulfilled with a walk once in a while, a lot of time in bed or couch with their pet parents. The point I was trying to make, I think I failed to get across, is that you have to find the right dog for you, that’s all. I recommend to my clients and anybody that asks to foster a dog to see if you, the pet parent, and your foster would click. I hope this helps. Take care.

  2. Good advice! Around here the shelters and rescues are becoming somewhat more selective about adoptions which may be a good thing (so long as they don’t go too overboard). A good shelter/rescue will try to match the adopter to the adoptee for everyone’s benefit. There’s less chance they’ll come back which is even more sad than the first time they came through.

    1. Marcela says:

      Yes, they have to be picky in order to find the right match.

  3. marthadilo3 says:

    Yes and there are plenty to choose from!

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