I Need Ideas For Charlie’s 3rd Birthday!

Charlie, “Where’s my cake and food?”

The above picture was taken a couple of days after we got Charlie from the SPCA in Annapolis, MD almost a year ago, and-I am going to come clean-I forgot that his birthday was the 16th of this month. Could you believe that?

Since I’m guilt-ridden about it, I’d like to make it up to Charlie this weekend by celebrating his birthday so I need ideas. Thanks!

4 responses to “I Need Ideas For Charlie’s 3rd Birthday!

  1. We’re celebrating suzie’s 3rd adoption day on Sunday. She’s having some new toys. A walk on one of her favourite walks, local canal, then home for something special for tea. I suggest something like this, perhaps a new collar leaf, harness, or coat. Not forgetting lots of cuddles and love. Have a lovely day. Mary & Suzie.

  2. A nice treat or two will make Charlie forget all about the belated celebration. πŸ˜‰ Happy Gotcha Day, Charlie! 🦴 πŸŽ‰ 🦴

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