Dogs And Our Moods And Behavior

wp july 31 2020

There’s research that shows that dogs do sense our moods and behavior, even smell our emotional state.  I’ve learned this from personal experience from our dogs: Casey, Alex, Bella and Abby.

Casey, a Staffie, would sit perfectly still next to me when I got angry.  Funny, one time I told Cynthia that I wasn’t angry, but Casey sold me out.  Traitor!  Alex, a pit bull mix, would get close to me and shiver.  Bella, a pit bull mix, would try to make herself small.  And Abby, a Beagle/Bulldog mix, runs toward me and with a concern look on her face looks me in the eyes.

Dogs are amazing teachers, and living with them gives us the opportunity to live a balanced and healthy life.  Do you think your dog senses your moods/emotions?

8 responses to “Dogs And Our Moods And Behavior

  1. Not only can they sense our moods, but they can play us during that time to their advantage. Great post.

  2. creativecritters77

    My Dewey Dude absolutely understands my moods and emotions. When I’m happy and excited he dances and prances and acts like a big goof 🙂 When I’m sad or upset he’s very calm, loving, and cuddly- the look on his face totally says “I’m here for you Mommy” ❤ Dogs (and cats too) are wonderful at interpreting how we feel, especially when we have a very close bond with them,

  3. Oh yes, they absolutely know our moods and when we need their fur presence not just next to us but in our souls.

  4. Absolutely! But, we talk to our pack so much they can pick it up from words.
    Matty used to go hide if I swore. Bode finds a toy and talks to us is we scold Quinn for being a ‘bad dog’ (usually playful scolding). Also, our Aussies are so empathetic if my wife is upset. They crawl in her lap and give her kisses.

    • Wow! Aussies are extremely smart dogs. I still miss Walter, a client’s dog, that glued himself to me. He was very smart and an excellent guard dog.

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