Learning To Live In The Moment


My Alex

I moved from Maryland to Massachusetts almost a year ago, and I can say with certainty that if there was ever a time when living in the moment was put to a test, this was it.  In the last 11 months there were so many changes: my Alex went to that Rainbow Bridge I believe all animals go to; my mom passed away a month after Alex left; I went from living in a nice and spacious townhouse to a small apartment; and on top of that, I was having a really hard time adapting to a new place.


Dexter, a handsome furry kid

I love to write and so I wrote about how I felt through tears and feeling sorry for myself.  I was mourning what I had lost rather than concentrating on what I had.  A fellow blogger reminded me that my home was anywhere my dog was, and that really made me think.  I was fighting being in MA while wasting the precious time I had with Alex without really understanding that.  After we put Alex down, I was numb for a while, and then it hit me that she was gone.  Later on I found out my mom passed away.  Talk about getting the wind knocked out of my sails.


Handsome Walter

Today, although I am still mourning my loved ones and adapting to MA, I see things different.  I now know that the time I have with those I love is not infinite, therefore I have to make the best out of it.  I cry when I feel like crying, and I laugh my butt off when Cynthia, my wife, Abby, our puppy, or Jessenia, my cousin, end up saying something funny.  Living in the moment is a very difficult thing to do for humans, and that is something we can learn from our canine companions.  Whether they are napping, walking, running, etc., they are enjoying what they are doing without dwelling on the past or fearing an uncertain future.  Now you see why I say that dogs are amazing teachers?  They really are.


18 responses to “Learning To Live In The Moment

  1. Thank you for sharing. I was reminded of that yesterday. Nothing bad happened, but I finally took the time to realize it. Love the post.

  2. What a wonderful reminder about the many valuable lessons our dogs teach us- and that the one constant we can always count on is change-thanks for this post Marcela-

  3. That’s excellent advice, so thank you for the reminder to concentrate on what I have rather than what I may have lost. ღ

  4. creativecritters77

    You’ve really been through the wringer lately 😦 I’m so sorry for your losses. Sometimes these things just seem to hit us all at once. For me it was my kitties passing, Gramma passing, then divorce, then moving to another state and completely starting over….BUT everything has turned out so amazingly wonderful now. My pets definitely helped me get through all those challenges (cat fur absorbs lots of tears 😉 ). It’s not always easy to just live in the now, but I think watching our pets is a good way to learn how. And I do believe that everything happens for a reason, even the really bad stuff. If I hadn’t gone through everything that I did I wouldn’t be able to fully appreciate what I have now.

    • Lol. I like the way you put it, thanks. Omg, you really went through a lot. Cat fur absorbs tears, so do doggies hair:-) Yes, it’s not easy to live in the moment, but I am going to try. Me too re going through things in order to truly appreciate what I have. Thanks for your kind words and I am glad you are in a good place.

  5. Also, I am so very sorry about your mom! I am convinced Dudley lived as long as he did to get me through losing my dad. Condolences to your family.

  6. I am so very sorry about your Alex! Dogs leave their paw prints all over our hearts, and I miss Dudley and Zoe every day. The biggest gift they give us after they leave is the ability to love another dog even more. Louie taught me that. We have been remiss in posting, but all is great in NC. Abby is adorable!

    • Wow! You are quite brave. I didn’t want to get a dog right away. I was going to wait until I moved to our own house, that would have taken a couple of months, but a client of mine gave us Abby, a 9 month old BeaBull. She keeps me busy, to say the least, and I really need that. I said you are brave because you went ahead and got Louie. I am sure that if Abby didn’t come into our lives, I would have waited for a while to get another dog.

  7. I agree that dogs are amazing and I am learning from my new dog Benji and watch as he appears not to look back at his old life but enjoying the moment now.
    He’s 12 and came to me when 11. A wonderful 70th birthday and Xmas present. Benji introduced himself between the transition of my taking back a difficult dog to the kennels and has helped me get over the loss of Spotty

    • What a wonderful present. Losing a dog, whether is due to rehoming or death, is always hard. I am glad you have Benji. I think that they are our companions in our journey through life. Having a dog makes things, at least for me, easier to deal with.

  8. Omg, this made me cry😩😩😩! I always try to live in the moment because tomorrow is not a promise.

  9. Very intriguing, thank you for sharing. ♥️

  10. It’s great that you learnt such a great thing from our fourlegged friends… I always try to live in the moment like Easy… and to lock all sorrows somewhere in a dark edge to enjoy every good and funny moment :o)

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