Cynthia’s Sous Chefs: Abby & Prince

Cynthia, “Abby, if you want to be my sous chef you have to behave, understood? Abby, “Yes, mom.”

Since I hate to cook, Cynthia enlisted Abby and Prince’s help to help her cook our meal, but knowing how “good” Abby happens to be the first thing Cynthia did was lay down the law.

Prince, “I don’t need any instructions for I always behave like a gentleman.”

Prince, Cynthia’s other sous chef, didn’t seem all that interested in lending her a paw.  He was much more interested in chewing on a nylabone.

Abby, “Stop being lazy. Get up and help us cook. You are making me look bad.”

Abby wanted Prince to help out so she went ahead and tried to “convince” him by gently nudging him.

Prince, “I am tired Abby. Let me be.”

Prince decided that it was best for him to take a nap and leave the cooking to Cynthia and Abby.

Abby, “It’s ok mom, I got you covered. I am here to help in any way shape or form. Bring it on. And I wouldn’t mind if you were to drop, by accident of course, a few pieces of whatever you are cooking.”

Abby didn’t want to disappoint Cynthia so she stayed by her side “helping” her cook.  Isn’t she a good girl?

4 Comments Add yours

  1. Not sure what’s more focused, the eyes or the nose! 😉

    1. Marcela says:

      I’d venture to say that its her cute nose:-)

  2. creativecritters77 says:

    LOL Dewey Dude loves being my sous chef, especially since I DO tend to drop things 😉 Generally speaking, if it hits the floor, the dogs can have it (unless the cat gets to it first). I can see that Abbey is a very good helper 🙂

    1. Marcela says:

      Aha! No wonder Dewey enjoys helping in the kitchen:-) Yes, Abby is an excellent helper.

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