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Do You Paddle With Your Dog?

Alex, "Mom, do you need help?  You are taking too long.  Please hurry up."

Alex, “Mom, do you need help? You are taking too long. Please hurry up.”

We try to include our canine companion, Alex, in as many activities as possible in order for her to enjoy herself, spend time with us, and be a balanced dog.  While in Maryland, we went kayaking in Annapolis and we really enjoyed ourselves.  Before I forget, make sure your dog is wearing a life jacket.

Alex, "Mom, I am really tired.  What's for dinner?"

Alex, “Mom, I am really tired. What’s for dinner?”

The above picture was taken after we finished kayaking and Alex was falling asleep.  She looked so tired that you would have thought that Alex was the one doing all the paddling.  No ladies and gentlemen, I was the one paddling with a cute cargo, Alex, of 45lbs.  She did better than any other time.  I was glad because that day the water was choppy and a little windy so we got wet when a couple of waves hit us head on.  Not to worry, the waves were very small.

Alex, "Will I get treats for posing?"

Alex, “Will I get treats for posing?”

Kayaking with Alex is always fun, and if we are ever back in Maryland we’ll make sure to kayak early in the morning or late afternoon in order to avoid excessive heat.  Have a great weekend!

Back From Maryland – Wrapping Things Up

back frm md1Our recent trip took us back to Maryland for a couple of days, and while wrapping things up we decided to go and have some fun.  We went to a beach near Annapolis, MD.  It was beautiful and Cynthia was able to take a lot of pictures.

back frm md2For the last couple of months, we have been going back and forth from Maryland to Massachusetts and although I enjoy driving, I think all of us are ready for some quiet time.  Alex travels well, but I’ve realized that once we get to our destination her appetite goes away for about a day or two.  Dogs thrive on having a routine and when it gets disrupted, for some dogs like Alex, appetite diminishes.

back frm md3Although it was early evening when we got to the beach, we were surprised to find a few people still enjoying the view and each others company.

back frm md4 Do you know what else we did while in MD?  We bbqed.  Well, to be quite honest, Cynthia prepared everything, and I was just the helper while Alex was taking a nap.  We have wonderful memories of our time living in MD and this was our way of celebrating being together and looking forward to a new life in Boston, MA.

Traveling With Alex, Our Canine Companion

Alex, "Are we going on a trip?  Yay!"

Alex, “Are we going on a trip? Yay!”

Alex loves to go on trips.  Being that Summer is right around the corner, you are probably ready to travel with your canine companion just like us.  There are a lot of things you’d need to do to prepare for a trip with your furry kid such as: treats, food, poop bags, wipes, water, bed, etc.  To be honest, Alex’s bag is usually better packed than ours. Also, if your dog is young, make sure that you take her for a nice long walk or run prior to your trip in order for her to be tired and sleep most of the way.

Alex, "Mom, what are you doing?  Stop it."

Alex, “Mom, what are you doing? Stop it.  I think I just saw a real cute GSD.  Put that camera away.  You are going to scare him.”

There have been times when we had to stay in a hotel, and the first thing Alex likes to do is smell the entire room and check out what is going on by going to the windows.  At this point, I take her for a short walk which gives her an opportunity to do her “business” and stretch her legs.

Alex, "Mom, stop taking pictures.  We want to go to sleep."

Alex, “Mom, stop taking pictures. We want to go to sleep.”

After Alex made her usual inspection of the room, we were all ready to go to bed.  Well, I guess Cynthia was not ready since she kept taking pictures.

My pack, Cynthia and Alex.

My pack, Cynthia and Alex.

Well, my girls and I will soon be on another one of our many trips.  For those that are traveling, please drive safely and under no circumstance leave your dog inside your car.  Have a great weekend.