Chinatown – Toronto, Canada


After taking pictures in Downtown Toronto, we headed for Chinatown.  Can you see the bike lane?  I wish that more places here in the US would follow suit.


I was amazed at how well Alex did while sightseeing in Toronto, but we took breaks for I wanted to make sure that she did not over do it.  When I am not sure about whether or not a person is comfortable with dogs, I prefer to put Alex on one side so she can still see that person, but she is not so close that he’d be uncomfortable like in this case.


We did a bit of shopping while in Chinatown and my 2 girls posed for this picture.  To be able to shop, Cynthia went to the stores and gave me a “report” on what was good or not while Alex and I waited for her outside, but even like that I had a great time with them.


Our girl, Alex, was pretty tired so we stopped and let her relax for a while.  As soon as she put her head on my lap she fell asleep.


What did Alex do once we got back to the hotel?  She fell asleep, of course.  The next day, after we all had breakfast we were back on the road heading for Niagara Falls.  By the way, crossing the border from Canada to the US was interesting, to say the least.  We had the misfortune of dealing with a very tired, according to his co-worker, and quite unprofessional border patrol man.  He made us stopped in order to inspect our car, but because of that we met a very funny, polite, and nice man from the agriculture department, so something positive came out of it.


Cynthia and I took a tour in Niagara Falls and we had a great time while Alex stayed at the hotel sleeping.  After a day of fun, we packed our things and headed back home.  I was surprised, why?  Because Cynthia wanted to go home a couple of days before our trip was over while Alex, our picky daughter, was eating no kibble and chicken soup only.  My 2 companion travelers were wonderful, and I’d take a trip with them anytime, but for our next trip Cynthia and I decided to pick one place to visit rather than going from one place to another for it made us pretty tired.  All in all, I am glad we took this trip.  I think we all needed it.  Once we got home, late in the evening, Alex finally ate 1 cup of kibble and her appetite came back.  We were all happy to be in our own beds back in Maryland.

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  1. The Patron Saint of Dogs says:

    I’m so glad you liked it here! I love the photo of you two on the bench with her head in your lap 🙂
    Colleen (in the suburbs of Toronto)

    1. Marcela says:

      I loved it, and I’d love to go back in the future, but stay longer than we did this last time. Thanks:)

  2. Happy to hear your trip to my home town went well. You may have noted that a lot of people downtown have dogs and I saw some inside stores yesterday and wished I’d brought mine – although even I think that is too risky [having been recently peed on in a park by a male dog with amazing aim].
    The bike lanes are a constant debate. Our deceased NDP Federal leader [Jack Layton] biked in Toronto as a politician as have our past Mayors. Our recent Major isn’t for bike lanes and has already gotten rid of one this year. You can bike from the West end to the East end of Toronto, along the waterfront and along Eglinton [in many places]. It is harder to find them going North and South. I think electric scooters & bikes should use them too – as they unnerve me as a driver. These small electric vehicles are very popular here. I used to bike downtown and it is for the foolishly young unfortunately – I hope that we and you will see this improve for everyone, When I had a big dog we’d have long runs, me on my bike and her just keeping pace.

    1. Marcela says:

      I truly enjoyed Toronto and I’d love to go back and stay longer so we can explore it a little more. That is terrible that the new major got rid of a bike lane. I loved seeing so many people of all ages on their bikes. They also looked fit:) I used to run with Alex, until about a year or so ago doing what you did with your dog and she loved it. I had to stop because she is already 11 and she does not need as much exercise as before so now we walk:) Beautiful place, Toronto.

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