Chao Gir



Tomorrow, Saturday, Gir will be going back home to mom and dad.  Here are a couple of things that are unique about him:

  • Although he is small, ok. tiny, he has a big personality
  • He has a great appetite
  • He loves to nap on my lap and sun bathe
  • He adores Nylabones and runs around with them.  Why?  Who knows, for nobody is chasing after him
  • He is not a morning doggie and prefers to wake up late

Every single dog has his/her likes and dislikes and what’s most memorable to me happens to be their quirks.  Have a great weekend.

6 responses to “Chao Gir

  1. Gir is soooo cute. Love the expression and can just picture the running around scene

  2. Awe, he is adorable!

  3. Looks like a real loveable.

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