My Pack And Super Bowl XLVII

Me, Alex, and Cynthia.
My Pack

This was the very first time for my pack to watch the Super Bowl so we had to make it special.  Now, Alex, could have cared less and she did not even want us to take her picture.  Can you see her “happy” face?


Alex decided to take a nap during the game because the excitement was just too much for her.

Alex finally awake.
Alex finally awake.

Since we live in Maryland, yes you guessed it, we were rooting for the Ravens.  Even Alex was supporting the Ravens while sporting a little ring attached to her handkerchief with the team’s logo.  She woke up because she smelled food.


Now comes the good part.  We had: chicken wings, pizza, salad, rice, I am Spanish and Cynthia is Filipino therefore if there is no rice then that is not a meal for us, and cupcakes for dessert.  Yummy!

Half time show
Half time show

During Beyoncé’s performance at half time, we did a little cuddling and kissing.  Alex seemed to be in a better mood.  Does it show?  FYI, this is how much I know about football:

  • I once asked my girlfriend how many teams in total play in the Super Bowl.  While I was asking her this question she had a big smile on her face.  Now I know why.
  • I asked her if the Ravens was a football team or a baseball team.  In order to remember which is which, I tell myself that the Orioles are like Oreo cookies.  An oreo cookie looks like a tiny baseball.

my pack sp476

We were so happy that The Ravens won, even though I ended up going to do dishes while listening to music during part of the game.  Hey, I showed my solidarity to them by wearing this jersey, and I am also just learning about football.  So there.  I hope you had a great time during Super Bowl XLVII.  Have a great week.

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  1. Frannie says:

    I can’t stop reading your blog. I want to become a dog sitter or have a kennel/house someday. From news anchor to dog sitter… maybe not an orthodox change, but a great one, none the less. I LOVE YOUR BLOG!

    1. Marcela says:

      Thanks, I am glad you enjoy my blog. I look at things this way, life is too short, therefore do whatever your passion in my life may be, and in my case my passion happens to be dogs.

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