Alex, In The Arms Of Morpheus

Today, Sunday, was one of those days when Alex decided that she’d rather sleep than eat.  Do I like it?  No, I hate it, to put it mildly because I worry everytime she does not eat.  But, then I reminded myself that there are days when she eats only 1 cup rather than her usual 3 cups and the next day she is fine eating her usual amount.  I did take her, as well as Oliver and Josie for a walk in the morning, but after that she just slept the rest of the day.  And finally in the evening she ate.  All right!

My Beautiful Alex

I have to make a mental note and remind myself that my girl is 10 1/2 and that, as per her vet, there will be days when she may not feel like eating or walking like she used to do before and that is just part of aging.  So, pet parents, please be mindful of the changes your senior dogs will go through and if ever in doubt, talk to his/her vet.  Enjoy your dogs and have a great week.


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