Caring For My Alex, a Senior Dog

My Alex
The brown patch on her face is starting to turn white

Alex, my beautiful girl, is a little over 10 years old and I am so glad that I’ve had her in my life since she was 2 months old.  Because I had her since she was a puppy, I can easily see the changes in her behavior and eating habits now she is a senior dog.  Here are some of them:

  • In the Winter, she prefers to walk after 8:30am and her last walk to be taken by 7pm
  • She prefers to have 3 smaller meals rather than 2 big meals
  • I believe she lost some of her taste buds, therefore I mix chicken, rice, yogurt, etc., to her kibble to entice her to eat
  • She sleeps more than she did before and always looks for her bed
  • There are times when we are walking and she walks behind me rather than next to me so I cut the walk short
  • She seems to enjoy having her teeth brushed at night time more than when she was a puppy
  • She walks slowly
  • She still plays, but the sessions are shorter and gentler

One thing, we, pet parents, must keep in mind when our dog is a senior dog and that is that we must adapt to the changes that she will go through in the future and change our routine accordingly.  Enjoy your dog companion, but please be aware that a senior dog has limitations so be gentle with her.

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  1. caitlin says:

    senior pups are my favorite. by far. so sweet, old and gentle.

    1. Marcela says:

      I totally agree with you:)

  2. Jean says:

    It seems like Barney caught up to me in age, and has now surpassed me. I like to give him the things in old age that I hope my loved ones give me. Time, patience, love, hugs, healing touch, attention, and treats (yes, healthy things to entice me to eat). I was taught to respect my elders, and he is no exception.

    1. Marcela says:

      I am glad there are people in this world like you:)

  3. Sounds like a good Team, that’s so nice. Wonder how fast the time is running…one reason more to enjoy every minute together :o)

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