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Foods That are Hazardous To Your Dog

Braised Chicken

Delicious Braised Chicken

My girlfriend, Cynthia, makes the most delicious dishes I’ve ever tasted and that is saying a lot since this is coming from a very picky eater.  Anyway, a while ago she made braised chicken and I enjoyed every bit of it, and of course I decided to give a little bit of it to Alex.  When she was younger, Alex could eat anything and it would not bother her stomach, but as she grew older her stomach became more and more sensitive, therefore what she gets mostly now days is chicken, rice and yogurt. I am pretty sure many of you also like to share your food with your dogs, but you need to make sure that it does not upset her stomach and also that it is not hazardous to her health.  Here are some foods you need to avoid when feeding your dog:

Don’t take me wrong.  You do can share some foods with your dog, but always start with a very small portion of it in order for the transition, or should I say addition since you are adding this to her kibble, to be pleasant for your dog and it does not throw her stomach out of whack.  Bon appetite!


Money Dog Saving Ideas To Keep Your Dog and Wallet Happy

Thrifty Spending

Money Dog Saving Ideas To Keep Your Dog and Wallet Happy

Let me start by making it crystal clear that I mean for you to be thrifty, not cheap.  Thrifty means, wisely economical, careful and diligent in the use of resources.  The way I look at it is this way: If I am thrifty and I go to a restaurant, I’ll give the appropriate tip or perhaps a little more if the service was really good, but if I am cheap, regardless of the type of service I get, I’ll leave nothing for a tip.  I’d like you to aim for the former not the latter.

Here are some things I do and recommend:

  1. Walk your dog. Overweight dogs require more visits to the vet.
  2. Brush your dog.  It will lessen the amount of times you need to take your dog to the groomer because of that funny smell.  Dogs do not need to be bathed very often.  Get a brush and at least once a day, after your evening walk, brush for at least 3 minutes.
  3. Brush your dog’s teeth.  Less cleaning appointments will be required.  If not comfortable brushing his teeth, get some Nylabones which helps clean teeth and reduces tartar.
  4. Second hand dog towels.  Towels that you do not use because the color is fading or it has a little hole.  Use them to dry your dog.
  5. Homemade dog food.  Instead of buying those expensive can goods for dogs which, by the way, makes them fart so bad I want to run out of the room, cook some food for your dog and refrigerate and/or freeze leftovers.  Your dog will love the taste and you’ll enjoy being able to breathe fresh air rather than his farts.
  6. Clothes.  Check out your local Thrift Shop or Craiglist and take a look at what they have to offer.  Alex is wearing a little girl’s bathrobe I bought for $3.00

Now, these are the things you should never skimp on:

  1. Vet care.  Your dog depends on you, therefore take him for his vaccines and yearly check-up.
  2. Premium food.  Don’t buy cheap dog food because in the end, both, you and your dog will pay for it.
  3. Training.  Find a reputable trainer and take at least one class with your dog and you’ll see that he is more manageable and you’ll both enjoy it because of the time you’ll spend together

There are more things you can do and probably come up with on your own, therefore if you do, let me know so I may be able to use them as well.


Good Bye Maggie, One Unique And Amazing Rottweiler

For most of the day, yesterday, I had chest pain, which is something I have not felt in months.  I felt weird.  No, I did not go to the hospital, yes, I know you are asking at this point, “Why didn’t you go to the hospital?”  Because my chest pain is always related to something bad happening to a loved one that I have a connection with and once I find out who this person or being happens to be, the pain disappears.  I did not call or text anybody because I did not want to alarm them so I watched TV and later on went to sleep.

Early in the morning, before taking Alex and Roxy for a walk, I checked my e-mail and I found out the culprit for my chest pain: Maggie, the beautiful rottie.  The pain had disappeared.  Maggie’s dad apologized because he was not going to be able to bring Maggie to stay with us for the upcoming holiday and explained to me that Maggie had stage 5 cancer and that she was not responding to chemo and that she even had a hard time getting up therefore he’d be ending her suffering soon.

As I was reading this e-mail, tears were running down my face and I had to read it again to make sure that I understood what he wrote.  I was so, so mad and sad.  How could such a beautiful dog like Maggie leave us so soon?  Alex and Roxy were looking at me as if asking, “What’s going on?”  I wiped my tears and I tried to compose myself, but Alex would not leave my side so I touched her and said to her, “I am ok, don’t worry.”  As if on cue, right after I said that Alex went to sun bathe and looked relaxed.

I told my girlfriend about it and said to her, “I hate when I feel this way.  These freaking premonitions I have don’t do that person or being I love any good because by the time I feel something is wrong, there is absolutely nothing anybody can do for them.  I hate it and I wish I did not have it for it is useless.”  I was so angry and in pain that I also said other things I do not care to repeat for I hate cursing, and that is what I did for a few minutes.

Maggie is the first dog that I had the opportunity to pet sit that is going to that rainbow bridge.  I am so glad and grateful for the time I had with her.  I am also hurt and pissed, but that is just me being human.  I cannot even imagine what her parents are feeling at this moment.  I’ve realized something today that I did not know until now and that is that even though I know that the dogs I pet sit are not mine, they become part of me and to my surprise the pain of losing them is not diminished just because the dog does not happen to be Alex.  What can I say?  I fall in love with all of them and I feel as if they are mine.  What a crazy pet sitter I am.

I’ve asked God, yes I believe in God even though I pray very little and only for special loved ones, that when my time comes the only thing I’d like is for all the dogs, mine and the ones that came into my life, to help me cross that Rainbow Bridge, this way we can all cross it together and never be apart from each other again.  That to me would be Heaven.

I love you Maggie and I was honored and privileged to have had you in my life for you are one unique and amazing dog.  One of a kind.  I will miss you terribly, but I’ll see you one day again.  May your passing be peaceful and the days you have left on this earth be full of love from your parents and all of us who love you.


Mom, I Think I Got Sand In My Eyes

I took Alex to the beach a while ago, and the wind was blowing a little bit and I was lucky enough to capture this picture.

We had a great time that day, and I removed her leash for a little while, and to my surprise she never went too far from where I was.  I’ve heard other pet parents tell me about their hiking trips with their dogs and many of them remove the leash and to my surprise they have said that their dogs never wandered too far from where they are, but to be quite honest this is probably one of the very few times I do this.  I haven’t gone hiking with Alex, but if I did she’d be on a leash the entire time.  I’d be too afraid she’d go after some little animal and get lost and get hurt or hurt another animal.

With that being said, please enjoy your time with your dogs, but make sure that they are on a leash and if they are not make sure that your recall is always answered.

Alex, My Beautiful Canine Daughter

This picture does not require too much explanation for this is what pure joy looks like.

Bye Kingston, Good Looking Pit Bull

Relaxing in The Kitchen

Unbelievable, but four months have gone by, and Kingston’s mom came this week to pick him up and take him back home.  He was so happy to see his mom that his whole body was in motion, wiggling and trying to jump, it was beautiful to watch this display of affection from him to his mom.

I always believe that I am fortunate for having different dogs come into my life because they are amazing companions and teachers.  What did I learn from Kingston?  That you usually remember the little things or quirks about others and that those are the ones that stay with you and later on realize that those “things” are the ones that make that being so unique.  With that in mind, here are some of Kingston’s quirks:

  • He does not bark during the day, but when he is sleeping and dreaming he barks loud enough to wake me up
  • You’d know that it’s 10pm because he is asleep and does not care to do anything else unless he is offered food
  • He grunts while waiting for me to put his food down as if saying, “Please, hurry up”
  • He sounds like a bird when he is getting impatient

Those are just some of the things that make Kingston so unique and wonderful and for that and much more we love him.