The Outing That Was Never To Be


For the last couple of months I’ve been planning a trip up north with my dogs.  I even had the cities I wanted to go to in a chronological order, could you believe that?  By the way, I love to plan things, and if they don’t work out, that is just another opportunity for me to plan again.  Anyway, for reasons beyond my control, my plans were put on hold and I was feeling bad about it even though I kept saying that it was fine.  Anyway, I took Alex and Kingston for a walk in the morning, as usual, and I saw that they were happy to be heading out for a walk.  Their bodies would wiggle and their tails looked more like fans than actual tails.  In other words, they were happy even though we did not go on our trip.

This made me think.  How easy it is for them to appreciate what they have rather than dwelling on what might have been.  With that in mind, I made another plan, yes people I love to plan things, and borrowed some Maryland and DC travel guide books to help us explore and go sightseeing the many areas we have not been able to see so far.  Now I am looking forward to our outings, but in case we are not able to go, let’s cross our fingers that we do especially with this hot weather, no problem because I’ll be ready with?  Yes, another plan.

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  1. ericapreo says:

    Boy, dogs are so much smarter than we are! I’m going to try and adopt that outlook!

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