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Alex’s Visit to The Vet And Dealing With Stress

Last week, I took Alex to the vet so she can get some vaccines and since I know my girl gets very stressed out every time we go I decided to approach this visit a little different than usual.

This is how Alex and I approached this vet’s visit:

  • I asked for the first appointment at 9am as to minimize the amount of barking dogs Alex would be able to hear
  • I gave her breakfast after the vet visit was done.  Some dogs toss their cookies when they are fed and not long after that are exposed to too much excitement, stimulus, people, etc.
  • Once we got to the vet’s office, I parked my clunker and took her for a 1/2 hr. walk.  This helped decrease some of her anxiety
  • Before the vet saw Alex, she got on a scale to get her weight.  I used treats and training commands such as, sit, stay, wait to get her to stay on the scale
  • Once the vet and vet tech came in, I saw that Alex was anxious so I started by getting her attention by calling her name and giving her treats

vetvisit1I was really surprised and quite pleased with our last vet visit because although she showed signs of being stressed, they were on a lower scale, and it was easier for the vet and her vet tech to do their job.

Once we got home, I took her to the back, our deck, brushed and wiped her, and after that she went straight to her bed while I was making breakfast.  Cynthia took the above and below pictures a couple of minutes after Alex went to bed.

So tired

So tired

Something else that surprised me was that she ate a big breakfast: chicken soup, 1/2 cup, and kibble, 1 cup.  For Alex, my picky girl, that is a lot, but she ate everything.  All our previous visits to the vet were followed by Alex eating very little if nothing at all.  What did my girl do after having such a big breakfast?  She went back to bed.  Lights out moms.

Why Is My Dog Scooting So Much?

Many pet parents at one time or another had to deal with a scooting dog, and usually it is overlooked when this is done only in rare occasions, but if your dog is constantly scooting and he leaves some brown or yellow secretion on your carpet, bed, etc., you need to take him to the vet as soon as you get a chance because there is a good chance that his anal glands are impacted, infected, or abscessed, but the best way to find out if that is the case and rule out any possible underlying problems is by talking to your vet.

Kingston, the beautiful pit bull staying with us, had this problem so I took him to the vet and she told me that his anal glands were impacted and that if this was left untreated he could have developed an abscess which would have been very painful for him.

The vet told me that some dogs get their anal glands impacted because there is not enough fiber in their diet while there are others that never have this problem.  Kingston had his anal glands expressed at the vet’s office and she told me to do the following in order to avoid or diminish the possibility of a recurring episode:

  1. Feed him premium food
  2. Maintain proper weight.  Overweight dogs are prone to scooting
  3. Exercise your dog every day.  A sedentary life can aggravate this problem
  4. Add fiber to his food such as: apple, oats, brown rice, beans, etc.
  5. Decrease and/or replace treats, not all of them of course, with a little piece of apple

Every dog is different, so the best thing is for you to talk to your vet and she can guide you and tailor something specific for your dog.  After we came back from the vet, Kingston went to take a nap.  I think he was tired not only because of the procedure, but also because he had a few women petting him and giving him compliments.  Oh, what a hard life this gorgeous pit bull must endure:)