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Tired After Our Walk In DC

Dozer and Sarris


Today, Sunday, is a beautiful day.  Why?  I have my loved ones, Cynthia, Alex, our dog, and Dozer and Sarris, two boarders staying with us at home with me soundly asleep.

We woke up a little before 8am, went for our walk and came back for breakfast.  The walk was a little shorter than usual this time since all of them seemed to be tired from yesterday’s walk in DC.  All right, even us, humans, are tired as well.  You also have to remember that all 3 dogs, Alex, Dozer, and Sarris, are seniors.  Ages ranging from 8 to 11 years old, therefore I need to be careful with them because they are more susceptible than younger dogs to excessive heat/cold, long walks, loud sounds, etc.

Alex wearing a gentle leader

I can’t complain.  Life is good.