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Alex’s Favorite Pastime: Sleeping

Every dog has a favorite pastime, and I’ve realized that Alex’s favorite pastime for the last 2 years is sleeping.  It does not matter to her whether this “pastime” of her is done on her bed or our couch for what it counts to her is that she is left alone to sleep.

Alex posing for this picture

I don’t know if any pet parent has noticed this on her dog, but whenever Alex wakes up her little eyes look slanted.  She looks so adorable and funny.  Now, I asked myself, “Is this because she is from Ecuador or all dogs wake up and look like this?”  I am from Ecuador and so is Alex, and some people from Ecuador happen to have their eyes slanted so may be her eyes look slanted because she is from Ecuador?  I wonder.  What do you think?

Alex pretending to be asleep for this photo

I’ll try to remember the next time she wakes up to take a picture so I can show you how funny she looks with slanted eyes.