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Snowing in Odenton, Maryland

snowdex1This is how my neighborhood looked a couple of days ago.

snowdex2This is how it looked this morning when I took Dexter for a walk.  It was still snowing.  When we got back home I dried him, turn the heater on, and got him to go to his bed.  We walked for about 1/2 hour and he seemed to enjoy the snow.

snowdex31And this is how Dexter looked after our walk followed by breakfast.  Yes, he was tired.  What a hard life this good-looking doggie has, don’t you think?

snowdex4Alex stayed with Cynthia at home since she is to be on bed rest for a while.  I miss walking with her, but I don’t want to push it for I want her to get better.  For those of you that had to go out in this crazy weather, please be careful, and for those of us that stayed home, eat, sleep, read, watch tv, etc., in other words, vegetate.  I hope the weather improves soon.  Take care.

Monday Morning – Alex And Dexter

Dexter, a handsome boxer mix, will be staying with us for a couple of days and we started with our usual morning walk, followed by grooming, brush and wipe, and a nice breakfast.


After that, they were both ready to take a nap and sunbathe, but Cynthia wanted to take a picture of them before they fell asleep.  Alex is almost in dreamland.


Well, Cynthia’s “models” quit and went ahead to take their naps.  Take a look at the proximity between each other.  Just like humans, dogs also have to have manners.  Some dogs sleep in the same bed, while others prefer to have a little bit of room like in this case with Alex and Dexter.  Every dog is different, therefore don’t force your dog to share her bed with another dog if that is not what she likes or is used to doing at home.  Have a great week.

The 3 Musketeers On The Road: From Michigan to Toronto, Canada


Well, as much as we liked visiting family, it was time for us to get going so we took some more pictures and headed to Toronto, Canada.


It took us a couple of hours to get to the border and although, so far, all the Canadians I’ve met have been polite, friendly, nice, etc., the border patrol woman who took care of us was pretty rude.  I told Cynthia, “Let’s look at it as something we can laugh about it later on.”  I am not too sure she bought that.


We finally got to Toronto, Canada and we were all glad to find a hotel that accepted dogs.  We were given a room on the 7th floor with a nice view that Alex just could not wait to check out for herself, as you can see in this picture.


We were hungry and tired so we had dinner and then headed for our comfortable bed.


The next day, after dinner and good night sleep, we all headed to Toronto, and Cynthia caught a glimpse of water so I drove towards it and we found this beautiful place, Lake Crescent Park.


Our daughter, Alex, was nice enough to pose for this picture.  By the way, she was still only having chicken soup, but no kibble as a meal.


After taking a couple of pictures, we headed for downtown Toronto.


We did a lot of walking, and I was a little hesitant since Alex usually walks 30 minutes twice a day and no more than that.  But you know what?  I think Cynthia and I were more tired than Alex.


I thought DC would be the only place with the most bikes ever, but I was wrong.  Toronto has a huge amount of bikes.  No wonder they look so fit.


We walked all over and there was some sort of convention going on, so we tried to find places where there was less traffic and people.


With all the walking we did, we had to take breaks here and there.  I don’t remember what Cynthia was telling me at the time when she took this picture, for all I remember is that I was happy.  Happy to be with my life partner, Cynthia, and Alex, our picky girl.


Cynthia loves to take pictures of us, but I got this one of the two of them.  We had an amazing time in Toronto, Canada.  Perhaps one day, in the future, we’ll go back and stay a little longer.  Enjoy your pack.

Kingston: Snoring at Its Best:)

I believe I am blessed and cursed all at the same time.  I have very sensitive ears, I could be asleep and many times I can still hear everything that is going on around me, and sleeping with dogs that snore is quite a challenge, but I’d hate to be without them.

To be quite honest I never knew that a dog can snore, dream and even bark while asleep until this beautiful pit bull, Kingston, walked into our lives.  Alex is very quite.  She does not snore, all right, all right, I’ll come clean, she does, but that is only when she eats a big meal, and only on certain occasions I’ve heard her growl at God only knows what.  Anyway, one night I was reading in bed and I hear “someone” snoring, then barking so my first reaction was to look at Alex, but she was sound asleep.  Then, I looked at Kingston, and he was the “someone” snoring.  Not only was he snoring, but he was having a very vivid dream because he snored, and barked loud enough to wake up Alex.  I just laughed because Alex looked at me as if saying, “Mom, you’ve got to be kidding me.  He not only snores loud, but barks as well while asleep.  How come he does not bark when he is awake?”.  Now, that I found very interesting.  He does not bark during the day time.  He only does it when he is playing with Alex, he is trying to get her to play with him, and when he wants the nylabone she has at that moment.  I have nylabones all over the house, but the one he wants, yes, you guessed right, is the one Alex is chewing on.  They are quite an interesting pair.

I am blessed because I have them in my life and for that I’ll always be grateful, and I am cursed because now I have sensitive ears and this beautiful pit bull snores.  Oh well, I think is a small price to pay for having him in my life.  Where are my ear plugs?