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Keep Your Senior Dog Active

During our last visit to Alex’s vet, one thing that resonated with me was the vet’s advice to keep my senior canine companion active.  I told the vet that since she put Alex on supplements for joints, Alex does not limp at all and walks without a problem.  There are times when she has so much energy, yes at 11 1/2 years old, that she runs back and forth inside the house.  This is my cue to increase the walks.

activesenior1But, I am also very vigilant regarding signs/cues that on occasions she displays that tells me that I need to make the walks shorter and perhaps more frequent.  Alex was only walking a maximum of  about 30 minutes right after she was put on supplements, but now she can easily walk as much and as long as she used to do before, but I don’t let her over do it.

activesenior2Today, Saturday, Alex and I went to a pet store in Annapolis, MD and after that we went to PetSmart to get her food and some treats which kept us out for a couple of hours.  She had her morning walk, but not her evening walk because she looked tired.  I had her pose for this picture with one condition.

activesenior3The condition was that she would have some time to “explore” the area without having me rush her.

Keep your senior dog active, but don’t over do it.  The key is, like in almost everything in life, moderation.  If ever in doubt, ask your dog’s vet.

Happy 11th Birthday Our Beautiful Alex


Alex turned 11 on May 5th, but because we had company we had to celebrate it on Monday.  In the morning, for breakfast, I made Alex some stir-fry which she inhaled mixed with her kibble.  In the afternoon, after she napped, we went to Petco and got some cupcakes, and a Nylabone.


Once we got home, Cynthia was trying to place Alex and the cupcakes properly for a picture, and since I am the worst photographer ever, as you can see when you see this picture, I just took picture after picture while Cynthia was sighing with desperation.


I don’t think Alex cared to pose for pictures so I sat next to her and the first thing she wanted to do, of course, was eat all the cupcakes.


We, then, agreed that Alex could be trusted with the cupcakes, although between you and me if we had turned our backs to her she’d probably would have eaten all of them, and so Cynthia took this picture.


For some reason, Alex found the lighter quite interesting as you can see by the way she is looking at it.  No, Alex, this lighter is not food.


We finished by taking a family portrait.  Alex’s torture was over, and she finally got to eat some cupcakes to her heart’s content.  Happy Birthday Alex!

Walter is Back!



Walter came back on Monday to stay with us for a couple of days and although the day started very cloudy by late morning the sun was coming out and it turned out to be a wonderful day.  So, what did we do?  Ok. let me rephrase that, what did Cynthia do?  She decided to BBQ for us.


Cynthia marinated these stakes for two days, and they tasted so good.

Walterbck3I don’t know what exactly she put on those veggies, but they were very tasty.

Walter and Alex

Walter and Alex

I left the door open so we can all go in and out of the house.  No, they do not have leashes or collars, but my deck is on the second level and gated.  Alex was out before Walter made up his mind and made her company.

Walter and Alex

Walter and Alex

Walter stayed for a couple of minutes and then went back inside.  Dogs with long dark hair tend to get hot very easy, therefore be careful with your dog specially during summer.

This amazing meal was all thanks to Cynthia.  She is one amazing cook and I am lucky to have her as my partner.


Should I Get A Bed For My Dog?

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The answer to the question is a resounding yes, you should get a bed for your dog regardless of whether or not she is a small, medium or large size dog.  This is specially important for puppies and seniors. When … Continue reading