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Looking Out The Window


Alex and Dexter, from left to right, are watching what our neighbors are doing so they can later on share some gossip with us.  I don’t know who’s turn is it to take notes so nothing goes unreported, but I am sure they’ll do a great job.


Because this is a small window, Roxy had to wait her turn and she was generous enough to share it with Dexter.  Excellent PIs:-)

Hanging Out With My Girl, Alex


I took this picture last November while walking with Alex on a trail on a beautiful Fall day.  Even though my neighborhood has a lot of areas where we can walk, I like to take Alex to different places outside of our neighborhood so she can experience new smells, people, dogs, etc.


Lately, we’ve been pretty busy with Alex’s furry friends staying over with us, therefore our outings have been limited to our neighborhood area, but since for the next two weeks Alex will be my only canine companion I’ll do my best to go out with her and explore other areas.


Of course, always remembering not to over do it since my girl, Alex, just turned 11 this year.  I always take with me water, treats, brush, wipes, and an extra leash.  Let’s not forget a cell phone and camera to capture precious moments with Alex.