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I am Sooo Tired – TGIF

2tired1Because the weather is so nice today here in Odenton, MD, we took a nice walk and once I cleaned them up, each furry kid took a spot to hang out and/or fall asleep.  Bella is the youngest one, 3 years old, therefore she was relaxing by the sliding doors and found herself in the arms of Morpheus within minutes.

2tired2Alex, on the other hand, decided that the dining room was a better spot to relax after our walk.  By the way, she still uses her brace during our walks, but not at home.

2tired3Roxy, a beautiful pom, kind of blends with my wood floors, don’t you think?  While they were all recuperating from our walk, I stayed in the kitchen putting away dishes, freezing food I cooked for Alex and Bella recently, and taking pictures of them while they were asleep.  What a nice way to start this weekend.

Mom, Please Change My Bed Sheet

Today, Saturday, after having dinner I realized that Alex did not go to take a nap, but instead stayed in the kitchen with me while I did dishes and put everything away.  She kept looking at me as I moved around the kitchen, as if trying to tell me something.


Dexter, on the on the other hand, was heading to the living room where I placed their beds for a nap.  Alex kept looking at me with those beautiful brown eyes, but I, the clueless mom that I am, could not figure out what she was trying to tell me.  Anyway, once I finished in the kitchen, we both went to the living room where she sat right next to her bed and started looking, ok., staring at me, and then at her bed.  I got it!  She wanted me to change her bed sheet.  Duh!  As soon as I did that, Ms. spoiled only child inspected the bed sheet and after passing “her” inspection she went to bed.  Alex hates dirty sheets so I change her sheets every other day or as soon as they are dirty, but, I am human after all, and I forgot to do it this time.  Not to worry, she is always on patrol for dirty sheets never-failing to alert me that bedding needs to be changed.

It’s Raining In Maryland

Well, I am not going to complain about the weather because we did have a wonderful weekend, but I do want to show you what Alex and Roxy have been up to this rainy day.


Alex does not seem to be concerned at all about the weather.  She and Roxy had a short walk, followed by breakfast, and a nap.


No, Roxy does not seem to care about the weather either.  I am going to follow their lead and make the best out of this rainy day.  Have a great week.