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SuperRemy And His Pack

Remy, my mom, and our Abby (L to R)

Remy is what I would call a gentle giant. Our Abby looks so small next to him, and he looks so imposing, don’t you think? But you know what? He is actually a very sweet and sensitive doggie. We are glad to have him with us.

I’ve noticed something interesting about Remy. He likes hanging out with my mom, and she enjoys his company too. It seems like we have a total of 2 guard dogs. Take care and stay safe.

Dog + Walking = Weight Loss

Staying at home is wonderful, but you have to admit that it is also a very easy way to gain unwanted pounds, right? Some people started going back to the gym, others have personal trainers-virtual trainers-or joined a group to do a particular activity, but all of it costs money to do. So, keeping in mind weight loss, frugality and enjoyment, the one activity you could do for free is-drumroll please-walk your dog. Yes, walking your dog would do wonders for you and your canine companion so let’s lace up your shoes and go out there! Not when is raining though. Stay safe.

Walking In Annapolis, Maryland


On Saturday, we, Cynthia and I, Alex is still on bed rest, met Ann Greene, dog trainer, pet parents, and their fury kids in Annapolis, MD.  I was quite shocked because Cynthia is not a morning person, but she was more than willing to go with me and walk for an hour with these beautiful doggies.


All these dogs and pet parents have already worked with Ann and what she was doing is putting the dogs in an environment where there are a lot of distractions in order for them to get used to following commands even when there are a lot of things going on.


Ann got the kid holding the leash to walk these two big dogs without being dragged all over the place.


Cynthia was not able to take a picture of the entire group so she had to take two pictures.


Ann is a really nice and funny person and she has her own company called A Tail Above, LLC.


This is me talking with a pet parent.  I had a great time even though we got to Annapolis a little late.  I thought I’d died and gone to heaven.  I was surrounded by a bunch of doggies.  What a great Saturday.