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Josie Is Going Home Today

Josie is usually very energetic, loves, loves our walks and to say that she is a bundle of energy certainly does not do her justice, but that is all that comes to mind now.  When I walk with her is usually for an hour or longer and she enjoys our walks, but this time that she stayed with us is the first time that I’ve seen that she prefers shorter walks and she does not seem to be her usual self.



She does not seem to be in any pain for I brush her every day and she does not exhibit any signs of being in pain.  She eats all her food and treats and her #2 is normal.  Yes, I look at her #2 to make sure that she is fine.  I know, I know, I am gross.  Anyway, I’ll talk to her mom today when she picks her up so she can take her to the vet.  Why?  Her energy level went from 100% to 50% in a matter of a month or two.  I don’t think that is normal.

If you have a dog walker or a pet sitter you take your dog to, she should be able to notice different things and/or changes in your dog.  I always talk to pet parents for a couple of minutes the day they pick up not only to let them know how their “furry kid” did while staying with us, but also because if I notice anything unusual on their doggie I’d like to let them know so they can follow-up with their vet.

At least once a week, take a close look at your dog and you’ll be surprised how easy you can spot changes on your furry kid.  They rely on us, and we need to be vigilant and proactive in order to nip any problem in the bud, don’t you think?