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What Is The Best Toothbrush For My Dog?

The toothbrush on the left is Charlie’s, and the one on the right was Abby’s

Let me start by saying that if you don’t brush your dog’s teeth he could have periodontal disease and plaque that could lead to painful tooth loss.

At the beginning, I bought a toothbrush made for dogs, but as time went by I realized that I needed to look at my dog’s mouth size, her sensitivity to that particular toothbrush, how easy or hard it was to use it and much more so after a while, and this is personal preference, I realized that I liked a human toothbrush and so that is what I’ve used for the last couple of years.

By the way, Abby’s toothbrush, the one on the right side was a bit too hard/firm for her so I replaced it for a softer toothbrush that she seems to like better. Before I forget, Do Not Use human toothpaste!! Stay safe.