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Happy 6th Birthday To Our Abby

Birthday cupcakes for our birthday girl, Abby, and her brother, Charlie.

The mess behind the cupcakes and flowers happen to be because those cupcakes were made by one of Abby’s moms, Cynthia, from scratch. Between you and me, I wanted to buy some from a store already made, but that’s just me.

Abby, “Mom, are you going to let me eat my cupcakes now or when? I am about to lose it mom!”

We are usually so busy during Abby’s birthday every year, but not this one. Abby’s birthday was on Saturday, 4/3/21, so that day we went for a long walk; Abby and Charlie both had some tacos for lunch; and for dinner they had chicken. Then, to continue the festivities, on Sunday after our usual walk, we just relaxed on our back porch. All in all, I’d venture to say that Abby had a pretty nice birthday weekend, don’t you think so?

Happy Belated Birthday Abby!

wp april 15 2018

Abby, “Mom, are you feeding me any time soon?”

My inpatient birthday girl could hardly wait for her breakfast.  That look speaks volumes!

wp april 15 20182

Abby ate her delicious breakfast – finally! – which consisted of a stir fry and some kibble.  She inhaled it.

wp april 15 20183

Abby, “Moms, I am ready.  Let’s go”

Yes, Abby was more than ready to go and get some cookies for her birthday.  I like for her to travel in her crate or wearing a seat belt, specially made for dogs, so she is safe.

wp april 15 20184

Abby, “Moms, I want this one!”

Abby was certainly not shy about letting us know exactly what she wanted.  We took her to Maggie’s Dog House in Hingham, MA.

wp april 15 20185

Abby, “Mom, make sure you hold on tight to my bag full of goodies”

And so after we did some shopping we headed for a little bit of an outing to the city.

wp april 15 20185 (2)

Abby, “Mom, I like everything I am smelling”

And so we ended up going to Back Bay, Boston.  Abby loved it.


wp april 15 20186

Abby, ” I am 3 years Old?  No way!  I feel younger than that.


After our nice long day, Abby finally got her birthday cake.  Abby’s birthday is at the beginning of April, but we were too busy at that time so we decided to celebrate it a little bit late.  I am not too sure Abby mind that, do you?


Happy 13th Birthday Alex

Alex, "What?  My guests are arriving and I have to greet them?

Alex, “What? My guests are arriving and I have to greet them?”

Alex’s birthday was May 5th, but because we were busy we delayed celebrating it, and that is totally my fault.  Sorry Alex.  I know, I am bad.  The celebration started with Alex not wanting to move from her bed to greet her one and only guest, Archie.  Between you and me, I think she wanted the cake all to herself.

Archie, "Am I getting a piece of cake too?"

Archie, “Am I getting a piece of cake too?”

Archie was Alex’s guest and because he is a puppy taking this picture took a little bit of planning.  What a cutie pie!

b133Cynthia lit up the candles and both, Alex and Archie, waited patiently until Cynthia took this picture.  Yes, they actually cooperated this time.

Alex, "Mom, please hurry up.  I am literally aging here."

Alex, “Mom, please hurry up. I am literally aging here.”

It was nice to see Alex so interested in her cake.  So interested that it looked as if she was trying to help serve to her own cake.  I still can’t believe she is 13 years old.  We got Alex when she was a little over 2 months old and she was such a hyper little puppy that to be honest I was somewhat scared of her level of activity.  But you know what?  It only took her 10 years to mellow out.

Alex., "Finally!"

Alex., “Finally!”

Alex finally got a chance to taste her cake.  No, she did not eat all of it.  She had to share it and that was fine with her.  Happy belated 13th birthday to our amazing furry kid.