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Windy Wednesday

Alex, Bella, me, and Kalimba

Alex, Bella, me, and Kalimba

I still cannot believe that we are at the end of March and yesterday, Wednesday, was so windy and cold, but to my surprise when we went to the deck it was pretty nice so I went ahead and cleaned all “my” furry kids and asked Cynthia to take some pictures.

windy2I like my home clean, therefore “my” dogs also need to be clean that is why after our walks I wipe them off.  Kalimba is actually pretty good and just lets me do what I need to do.

windy3Now is time for brushing Kalimba’s hair.  I think Alex is starting to get bored.  I had to tell Alex, “I am almost done.”  Bella, on the other hand, is watching the birds and squirrels that like to hang out on the trees.

windy4Once Kalimba was wiped and brushed, it was Alex’s job to do an inspection and let me know if I did a good job.  She gave me a big, “good job mom.”  I do this with all the dogs that stay with me, and that includes my two girls, Alex and Bella.  Wiping and brushing only takes a couple of minutes, and even if you only do it once a day, preferably before they go to bed, you’ll see the difference on your dog and your floors.