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Can Dogs Fall In Love With Other Dogs?

wp march 30 2018

Oliver, Maggie, and Kingston (from left to right)


I knew dogs could live with other dogs in peace, but I wasn’t sure about dogs loving other dogs until I met Maggie and Kingston.  At the beginning, like other pet parents, I thought that Oliver and Maggie would be inseparable, but that was not the case.  Oliver, loved any female, and Maggie was not the exception, but she could care less about Oliver.


wp march 30 20182

Maggie and Kingston (L to R)

Maggie, a West Highland White Terrier, was madly in love with Kingston, a handsome pit bull, and she followed the object of her affection everywhere. How did he react?  He seemed to like it.  Just so you know, Kingston weighed about 60lbs., and Maggie about 15 at the most.  They made me smile because although they were so different I realized that, yes, dogs do can love other dogs, and also that even they understood that love is love.


Spring And 4th Nor’easter – Stoughton, MA

wp march 20 2018

Abby, “Moms, I love the snow.  I am using my ears as wings.  Weeee!”

Today, Tuesday, is the first day of Spring, but you wouldn’t know it since we still have snow on the ground, and tomorrow we’re expecting our 4th nor’easter.  What will Abby be doing?  Playing in the snow, of course!

wp march 20 20182

While Abby will be having a blast playing in the snow tomorrow, other dogs prefer to nap in a comfortable bed with a blanket or two.

wp march 20 20183

Abby and Champagne (L to R).  Champagne, “Will I be getting a treat any time soon?”

And then there are those, like Abby and Champagne, that prefer to “help” in the kitchen and be Cynthia’s sous chefs.  Regardless of what you decide to do tomorrow, please be safe and keep yourself and your furry kids warm.

Massachusetts And Our Furry Kids Bracing For Another Nor’easter

wp march 7 2018

Jack, “Keep up with me”.

Since we have a storm coming to MA today, we got our morning walk done, and of course Jack seemed to be in a hurry to do so.

wp march 7 20182

Jack and Louis, “This is how we wait for another Nor’easter”.

Yes, Jack and Louis certainly do not seem worried at all.  If only we could be more like our canine companions, right?  If you need to be outside, be safe.