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Hanging Out With Alex, Our Senior Dog, in Malibu Beach, MA

malibu beach ma1This weekend we went to Malibu Beach, Dorchester Shore Reservation, to enjoy the beautiful day we were having on Saturday.  One thing we didn’t do while living in Maryland was explore the area and we don’t want to make the same mistake again, therefore little by little we’ll be exploring Massachusetts.  My two models didn’t seem interested in posing for me, then again, maybe they were striking a pose for the camera and I thought otherwise.

Alex, "Moms, look at the water."

Alex, “Moms, look at the water.”

Alex seemed to be enjoying herself while looking at this beautiful view.  Cynthia, on the other hand, had a different idea about fun.

malibu beach ma3Cynthia was doing her best to engage Alex on a game of chasing, but Alex just walked behind Cynthia as if saying, “Mom, what are you doing?  I don’t want to run.”

Cynthia, "Alex, chase me."  Alex, "Ok., but I am not having fun."

Cynthia, “Alex, chase me.” Alex, “Ok., but I am not having fun.”

Did Alex’s body language deter Cynthia?  Of course not.  She kept trying until I told her to let her be since I don’t want Alex to run because of her ACL injury.  We removed the brace so it wouldn’t get wet if Alex got in the water, and she only wears it for support.  She doesn’t limp any longer.

malibu beach ma7Anyway, after all that excitement, we put the brace back on, and Alex took a nap while we sat down and talked.  One thing you need to remember, if you have a senior dog, is to not over do it.  Alex can easily walk 30 straight minutes, but we take frequent breaks.  We also carried water, treats, poop bags, etc.  You can still have a good time with your senior dog, Alex just turned 13 this May, but keep in mind that your dog needs to go at a slower pace.  Enjoy your weekend!

John F Kennedy Library in Boston, MA

jfk2This past weekend was the first weekend we did not have to do something or be somewhere so we decided to continue exploring Boston, MA and took Alex with us to the JFK Library.  No, we were not able to go inside with Alex, but that was fine.

jfk1We walked around and took some pictures, but we didn’t stay very long because it was hot and we didn’t want Alex to over do it.  As you can see, she wasn’t very interested in posing for Cynthia.

jfk3All of a sudden, Alex decided to be shy, and on top of that I forgot to bring treats so she really didn’t want to cooperate.  Boy, what a diva.

jfk4Although I still miss Maryland, I’ve realized that I am very fortunate to have my family with me.  A fellow blogger said something like this, “Home is where your dogs are,” and that made me think a lot.  Seriously, a lot.  Thanks to all of you for your kind words and input.  I am excited about all the possibilities that are to come our way.  See you later Maryland.  Hello Boston!