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Kingston, A Perfect Pit Bull Ambassador

A Perfect Pit Bull Ambassador

A couple of weeks ago, I answered an ad for long-term boarding a male pit bull, and after some e-mails and phone calls were exchanged, we agreed to meet and see if my home would be the right environment for Kingston. 

Now, I’ve had, so far, one AmStaff and one pit mix of my own so I am familiar with this breed, but I never expected for Kingston to look so impressive.  I was taken aback at his size and gladiator physique, but at the same time quite curious about his temperament and quirks.  Yes, dogs, just like us humans, have quirks.  We took a walk with Kingston and Alex for a couple of minutes and his body language was that of a puppy; curious and playful.  Anyway, after our walk we went straight to the kitchen and I spent some time talking to Kingston’s mom while I continued to assess his body language, curiosity level, and his interaction with his mom and myself.  A couple of days later, Kingston’s mom agreed to leave him with us and he’s been a part of our family for the last couple of weeks and I’ve had nothing but great and funny experiences with him.

Although he does look impressive and intimidating, what he likes best is to be hugged and kissed.  Could you believe that?  He loves to be close to us and he plays well with Alex, our mix breed female dog.  I see no aggression at all on his part, and I do hope that this was the kind of dog that people would breed rather than aggressive dogs that give Pit Bulls a bad reputation.

Kingston is what a Pit Bull should be: gentle, affectionate, docile, strong, and gorgeous:)  He is the perfect Pit Bull ambassador for a breed that because of irresponsible owners gets bad publicity.