Hi, my name is Marcela and I am the trainer and owner of All My Canine Companions.  I provide dog training, rehabilitation, problem solving, dog walking, and dog boarding.  This is Not a Kennel Facility.

If dog training is something you’ve had in mind to do with your dog, but due to time constrains you keep putting it off, then why not take training classes that work around your schedule?  Another option available is to board and train your dog with me.

Going on vacation, family reunion or temporary job assignment?  Well, then rather than leaving your dog in a kennel, why not try something different such as home dog boarding?  Dogs such as seniors, those with separation anxiety, and even puppies do better in a home environment with fewer canine companions rather than in a kennel facility.

In order to ensure that your dog receives individual and personalized attention, I only board one (1) dog at a time.  As such, I recommend to book a month in advance when holidays are approaching to make sure that your furry kid has a spot, and a minimum of three (3) days any other time of the year.

A meet and greet session is required prior to your dog stay with me if he is just boarding.  If your dog is staying with me to target behavior modification, a consultation is necessary.  This is to ensure that your dog will be in a suitable environment.