Board And Train


Excellent program for dogs over 12 months of age. Because your dog will live in a home environment with trainer-eliminating the stress of a kennel facility for your dog-learning will be more conducive. Also, Marcela only takes one dog at a time for behavior and training.

3 weeks/3 private lessons (Level I) includes:

1)Behavior and Training Level I – behavior will entail: working on loose-leash walking, owning your space/place, and not bolting out an open door. Training will include: name game, sit, stay and come.

2)Introduction to crate training – majority of dogs that are not crated tend to be anxious and nervous.

3)Introduction to car rides – some dogs never seem to relax when inside a car

4)Daily walks and outings to practice everything learned with distractions– dogs need exercise, and this will be tailored to your dog.

5)Photos, e-mails, and videos throughout his/her stay – at least once a week

6)Progress report once a week via e-mail – to let you know how your dog is progressing

7)Bonus – during the consultation let trainer determine if something such as nipping would be considered a minor behavior issue that could be addressed during these 3 weeks

8)Three (3) classes – the 1st class will take place the day you pick up your dog. 2nd class at 2 weeks. And 3rd class at 6 weeks

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