Board And Train


A consultation (1 – 2hrs. $150) is required prior to signing up for any board and train.

Whether you just got a puppy or an older dog, behavior and training is paramount and necessary if you want to have peace of mind and enjoy your dog. I incorporate behavior and training (Level I) to all board and train packages. Also, your dog will be in a home environment which will eliminate the stress of a kennel facility.

3 weeks/2 private lessons $2205 (Level I)

4 weeks/2 private lessons $2884 (Level I)

What’s included?

-Behavior and Training Level I – everything taught in Level 1 will be done in a home environment because your dog will live with the trainer.

-Tour of the facilities and accommodations – I am currently not offering this because of COVID-19

-Crate training – majority of dogs that are not crated tend to be anxious and nervous.

-Daily walks and outings – dogs need exercise, and this will be tailored to your dog. Most young healthy dogs could easily walk two (2) times a day for 40 – 60 minutes.

-Potty breaks every 2-3 hours

-Photos, e-mails, and videos throughout his/her stay – You’ll be able to see your dog, photos and videos throughout his stay with us. You’ll receive receive an e-mail every week with an update on how your dog is progressing.

Check out Yelp, YP, and this website-under Testimonials-to see the comments of previous clients regarding the behavior and training I provided and the results they got. I hope to hear from you in the near future!

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