Dog Boarding

Offered all year round

*Dog Boarding Only For Dogs I Have Trained*

When your dog comes to All My Canine Companions, he/she will enjoy a quiet home environment –this is Not a Kennel Facility-that includes: naps, walks, treats, human companionship, and a structured day with a few canine friends.

There is No additional fee for:

  • walks
  • treats
  • late night potty break
  • holidays
  • outings

Check-In and Check-Out times: Anytime between 7am – 7pm.

Daily Boarding Rates: (A day is to be understood to run from 7am – 7pm).  

  • $75 per day/per dog
  • $85 per day/per dog (36 months and under regardless of the length of stay )

There is a fee of $20 for late pick up, 7:01pm – 8pm.

Pick up and delivery available for a fee

Boarding fee includes:

  • Daily schedule consists of 1 – 2 walks (Walks are adjusted depending on dog’s level of activity, age, weather, weight, etc.)
  • Potty breaks throughout the day
  • Individual attention
  • E-mail updates and photos
  • Supervised roaming of our house
  • Treats (but you can bring his/her own treats)
  • Canine and human companionship
  • Medications can be administered free of charge (We are unable to administer injections)
  • Hair brushing – please bring brush
  • Paws wiped after walks
  • A refresher course of both, behavior and training

Please be aware of the following:  

  • Clean Bedding must be brought from home, but no toys are permitted.
  • Food from home must be in a zip-lock or other plastic container. 
  • All guests must have a copy of current immunization records (Rabies, distemper and bordetella) or have a copy of a Titer test done within the last 3 years 48 hrs prior to checking in.

All dogs Must:

  • Be up to date on all shots or have copy of Titer test done within the last 3 years
  • Be on a current flea and tick treatment
  • Be in good health
  • Be clean.  I will not take dogs that are dusty, dirty, smelly, etc.