Our First Outing to Patapsco Valley State Park – Daniels Area

Our First Outing

All right, I finally got everything I needed for our first outing, water, wipes, treats, sandwiches, leashes, etc., and we headed out to Patapsco State Park, Daniels area last week.

As I was driving I started to think, “I hope they behave, Alex and Kingston, and we have a great time”.  The reason why I was thinking this is because Alex wants to give every person she encounters a kiss, in other words a saliva bath, and Kingston copies her behavior.  Now as many pet parents know, there are those who do not appreciate this type of attention so I was hoping Alex would be in her best behavior.  Anyway, to my surprise they both did wonderful.  The “problem” actually came in the human form.  Cynthia is now obsessed with photography so she took her camera and started to take pictures while we walked, of course she would stay at least 40 minutes in the same place.  How can she take so long?  Never mind, only a photographer could answer that question, I guess.  Well, seeing how fast she was at this new hobby, I decided to keep walking with Alex and Kingston and come back for her later on.

A while later, we came back to find her and she was nowhere in sight.  I started to walk back and forth with panic in the pit of my stomach and thinking, “this is the third time going back to the same spot so after this I am calling the police.  Darn it, no signal”.  Yes, I was that scared.  Why?  There are so many horrible stories about people being abducted in the blink of an eye that to say that I was afraid was an understatement.  We finally found her with a big smile on her face.  Let’s just say for brevity’s sake that I told her loud, all right, very loud, and clear never to do that again.  She apologized and after that she’d only take a couple of minutes to take her pictures.

Life is full of surprises.  I thought that Alex and Kingston would misbehave, when in reality the one I should have been worried about was my human companion.  Go figure.

46 responses to “Our First Outing to Patapsco Valley State Park – Daniels Area

  1. It’s funny how life can throw you a curve ball like that! Glad you found her and she was okay. I love taking photos and have always wanted to be a photographer but I have too many other hobbies I love to be able to commit so I understand how it can take a while to take a photo of something and it taking a little longer than expected because the lighting wasn’t right or it just isn’t coming out how you expect it to!

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  4. Hello there my friend. You sound like a very dedicated and genuinely wonderful animal lover. You are obviously doing what you do best and enjoying yourself into the bargain.
    I shall look forward to returning to read more. Meantime; thanks do much for liking and following my blog.
    Keep up the good work

  5. Hi, Thanks for liking my post about Molly, our sort of Doberman. It’s good to read about your work because someone I know has just advised us to get rid of our four dogs so we can sell our home and add to its value. Amazing, as if animals are disposable! For us, it’s a case of like our home, like our dogs, we keep them outside if someone visits but to suggest we get rid of them – well, I’m still fuming!

    • Wow! People without dogs can sometimes be, let’s call it, rude with their comment about our furry kids. They don’t get that our dogs are part of our family. Too bad because they don’t know what they are missing. Good for you. Animals are not disposable. I like what you wrote, “like our home, like our dogs.” Thanks for stopping by.

  6. Hi there! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and for the like. Very much appreciated.

  7. Hi Marcela,
    Nice blog, I just found it (thanks for the like, by the way). One thing we struggle with is that our dogs bark every time someone visits. They bark when the guests ring the bell, once they are in, the dogs are friendly. Do you have a blog post about this? Or any good advice? I want the dogs to stop this annoying habit.

    • Hi, thanks for visiting my blog. Alex, my 12 year old pit mix does the same, and this is what I do: as soon as the bell rings I either tell her, hush or I give her a treat. It really depends on the dog. With the word command, you have to practice by working with another person and have him ring the bell and then say to your doggie, whatever word you want to use for her to be silent. You can use a treat which you’ll give your dog every time the bell rings. He can’t bark if he is busy eating a treat. I hope that helps. I might post something about this.

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  9. As Jack Henry would say,”right! who needs the leash?” 😉

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  12. Thanks for visiting my blog! I consider the Ft Meade area of Maryland home – and we’ll be moving back to that area in a couple of years. It’s good to know about your canine family member in-home care!

  13. My 5 dogs were all rescues. What a heartwarming story. about 2 dogs first visit to a park and how it was the human you should have been worried about.

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  20. just love your dog. looks so peaceful where you live

  21. Wish you lived in Hawaii!

  22. Great site – so glad I found it. Looking forward to following you.

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